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Ziflex is a flexible, heat resistant and magnetic adhesive surface for 3D printers. 

It offers a strong adherence to many materials while ensuring an easy removing thanks to its extra flexibility. Magnetic technology allows positioning and removing in just a few seconds, without decalibrating the printer. 

Ziflex comes in two part. Easy to install, you just have to stick the 3M adhesive to your original bed, and then place Ziflex on it.

Thanks to its flexibility, Ziflex increases your safety. It will no longer be necessary to use dangerous tools to take off your prints, you just have to fold it. 

We designed the Ziflex to be compatible with about 20 printers, but if you need a special dimension, you can choose the custom category. 

* Two magnetic layers system with special 3D printing platform coating, magnetic sheet, and 3M adhesive
* Ultra flexibility for remove any print, even the smallest one
* Uniform heat transmission: 90°