HT Ultimate Upper Part

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⚠️ This article isn't a complete Ziflex, but only the upper replacement part. 

The upper surface of your Ziflex allows you to quickly and easily start printing on a brand new surface. The upper surface will last about 100 prints, it depends on your printer settings, material, and calibration. 

These upper surfaces are compatible only with the Ziflex ordered after November 2018. If you have ordered a Ziflex before, please order complete Ziflex or a value pack to get a new compatible magnetic base.

You do not need to change the magnetic base, you can just remove your old Ziflex upper surface and put this brand new surface on your magnetic base already installed.  

Size adjustment:
We created the Ziflex to fit with about 20 printers, but if you need a special dimension, you can choose the custom category.  If you think that your printer should be in the list of the most asked size and not in the custom size section, feel free to reach us by email. Ziflex works with a lot of autocalibration systems, but not all of them. If you have any doubt about your autocalibration, feel free to contact us, we'll be glad to assist you!

Ultra flexibility to remove any print, even the smallest one.
 Uniform heat transmission and can stays at 90° for very long times.
Compatible with all the Ziflex ordered after November 2018

Ziflex can fit with many different 3D printers, and this makes it a product highly subject to errors of use. Calibration and settings are variables from one to another 3D printer: the installation tips will provide you with some help but they aren’t a detailed tutorial to each machine. That's why once the Ziflex has been installed and used, we can’t make any refund or return.